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About The Fireworks Alliance
The Fireworks Alliance is a grassroots coalition of hobbyists, professionals, and citizens that seek to preserve and promote the safe and legal use of pyrotechnics in support of fireworks, model rocketry, chemistry, amateur science, and other related disciplines. Our mission statement for the Fireworks Alliance is straight forward:
To protect, preserve, and promote fireworks, rocketry, chemistry, and amateur science experimentation in America.
While a clear majority of citizens support the right to purchase and use pyrotechnics in America, our voices have been shut out by a vocal minority that seeks to regulate us into oblivion. Over the past forty years, legislation has been passed at State and Federal levels to restrict what we can buy, and efforts are underway by the NFPA, the CPSC, and dozens of other groups to eliminate all pyrotechnic activities by citizens.

The vocal anti-fireworks zelots have been able to succeed because we were unable to organize ourselves and make our opposition known. The Fireworks Alliance has one goal -- to build a coalition of citizens to fight back against this erosion of rights. The larger our membership base is, the more we will be able to influence legislators. The Fireworks Alliance will provide the following resources to members:

  • We will provide access to every federal, state, and local official to make sure your voice is heard.

  • We will build a cohesive community to unite all who share these interests.

  • We will provide letters, talking points, and other tools to help you establish and maintain your freedom to enjoy fireworks and rocketry.

  • We will provide tools to organize our efforts and streamline the process of petitioning legislators and others who seek to regulate us.

  • We will continue to monitor news and legal activity that affects our community, and work together to formulate a coordinated response in order to counter those that seek to eliminate our freedom.
The effectiveness of our efforts is dependent on the number of people that join our grassroots coalition. We need everyone that cares about fireworks, rocketry, chemistry, and science to join us. Membership in the Fireworks Alliance is free -- we need your voice, and we need it now. Please sign up for the Fireworks Alliance if you have not done so already.

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