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The most important thing you can do to help the Fireworks Alliance is to help grow our membership. As a grassroots advocacy organization, the more members we have, the louder our voice is when we petition legislators on issues that effect us. Our ability to be effective is dependent on our volunteers. Here are a few things you can do to help the Fireworks Alliance:
  • Distribute Flyers at Fireworks Events
    One of the easiest ways to build our membership is to let the public know that fireworks are in jeopardy of being eliminated in the United States. You can help us by passing out flyers at local fireworks events, either by distributing them to cars as they arrive at events, or by passing out leaflets to spectators. To help you with this, we have prepared some materials that you can use. All you need to do is print copies of these pages, cut the leaflets into strips, and pass them out at events.

    Click Here for Version A - 10 Strips Per Page
    Click Here for Version B - 8 Strips Per Page
    Click Here for Version C - 12 Business Cards Per Page
    Click Here for Version D - 12 Business Cards Per Page

    Note that you are free to pass out your own version of these leaflets. We need to grow our membership, and if you think you have a better leaflet, please use it! Also, please send us a message and let us know that you will be passing out leaflets to support our efforts. You could win free PGI membership for a year if your name is selected from our list of volunteers.

  • Get Fireworks Retailers to Distribute Literature
    Fireworks retailers do not want fireworks banned any more than you do. As a result, we have found fireworks retailers are overwhelmingly receptive to passing literature for the Fireworks Alliance. Simply print out one of the pages from the links below, and ask your fireworks retailer to distribute the flyers to customers. For small retailers, you may even want to print the flyers for the retailer. You will be doing a good deed for the Alliance, and your efforts may make the difference between in winning this battle.

    Click Here for Acrobat PDF Version -- 1 Page Letter
    Click Here for MS Word Version - 1 Page Bulletin

    Note that you are welcome to customize this letter for your retail store by using the MS Word version of the flyer. Please send us a message and let us know which retailers have agreed to pass out our flyer. You and your retailer could win free PGI membership for a year if your name is selected from our list of volunteers.

  • Provide a Link to Us from Your Website
    If someone visits a fireworks website, it is likely they will want to join the Fireworks Alliance. Help us to build our membership by placing a link to the Fireworks Alliance on your website. Here is a sample you can use for your site:
    You Can Help Keep Fireworks Legal

    Did you know that efforts are underway at both State and Federal levels to ban consumer fireworks and rocketry forever? You can help turn the tide by joining the Fireworks Alliance. It's free, and we need your voice today!

    Click here to download this HTML for your website.

    Fireworks Alliance logos are available for use on websites, literature, clothing, or whatever you need them for. The logos below are available in either GIF or JPG format in 100 x 100 pixel format, or 600 x 600 format.

    Logo in GIF Format -- 100 x 100 pixels
    Logo in JPG Format -- 100 x 100 pixels
    Logo in GIF Format -- 600 x 600 pixels
    Logo in JPG Format -- 600 x 600 pixels

    The banners for the website can be downloaded in GIF format using the links supplied below:

    TFA Banner in Narrow Format -- 640 x 120 pixels
    TFA Banner in Standard Format -- 800 x 120 pixels

    We also have several graphic images that have been contributed by members for use as banner ads. You can view the images by clicking on them, or you can download them by right clicking on them and using the "Save Target As ..." menu item.

    Banner Ad 1
    Banner Ad 2

  • Convince Others to Join the Alliance
    If you belong to a pyrotechnics club, a rockertry club, or a science club, make sure the members of your organization known about the Fireworks Alliance.

  • Respond to Action Alerts
    From time to time, we need our members to send letters to congress. We write the letters, so all you have to do is send them by clicking on a button the action center of our website. It is easy to do and it takes less than a minute. We even make it easy to tell your friends about our action alerts.

    A generic copy of the letter to Senator Allen regarding the CPSC issue can be retrieved from the website by clicking here.

  • Donate to the Fireworks Foundation
    The efforts of the Fireworks Alliance are supported through contributions from the PGI, the Fireworks Foundation, and the work of volunteers. The Fireworks Foundation provides a tax deductable way to donate money to protect fireworks, rocketry, and amateur science. Click here to contribute to the Fireworks Foundation.

  • Join the PGI
    The Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) is the largest organization in the world for support hobbiest pyrotechnics. The PGI develops safety courses that are used in all 50 States for commercial fireworks display operator training, and they hold a conference every year in August. Membership in the PGI is very inexpensive, your support helps the Fireworks Alliance too. Click here to learn more about the PGI.
If you have ideas that you think would help the Fireworks Alliance, or you want to volunteer for a specific grassroots project, please send email to

"In the grand scheme of things, fireworks are no great big deal - but what price do you put on joy and beauty and the mastering of an ancient and esoteric art? How much are we willing to pay to enjoy these simple things? What would our lives be like without them? What does it say of a society that outlaws such things?"
-- Tad K., June 14, 2006

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