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NY State Pyrotechnic Association Legislative Action Call
June 18, 2006

This is a NY A7539/S4816 pro-pyro bill update and ACTION CALL.

We have 4 days until the end of the 2005 - 2006 NY legislative session to get the above pro-pyro companion bills passed.

At this point, it looks like both the Assembly and Senate need prodding. The Labor Committee chairpersons on each side, instead of working to pass our bill, are expending considerable energy maneuvering to perfect a standoff where each side can blame the other for not passing this important legislation.

A very quick description of our pro-pyro bill is that it has no enemies in the NYS Legislature, is universally supported by the affected NY licensed pyro community businesses, has important homeland security ramifications, removes unnecessary DOL oversight of BATFE-licensed entities and has the potential to open up NY to pyro conventions, competitions and trade shows to the tune of $10 million. See the attached justification memo distributed to the Assembly and Senate members for a concise summary of the major points. The only entity opposing this bill is (of course) the NYS Department of Labor, and they have conceded that their own bill is a loser and is not going anywhere. Are they working behind the scenes to kill our bill? Objectively, based on last weeks's comments by both Assembly and Senate staffers, I would say it seems so.

In any event, there is no rational excuse for our bill to not move out of the Assembly and Senate Labor Committees for a vote this session.

Right now, for this bill to pass the Legislature by the last day of the session (Thursday) and move on to the Governor for signing, it is essential that all concerned NY pyros get in touch with their NYS Assembly and Senate representatives TOMORROW (Monday), Tuesday at the latest. Call your reps' district offices and tell the staff politely and pleasantly but firmly how important these bills are to you and the industry. Here are URL links for the Assembly "rep finder" and the Senate hyperlinked "district map".

Ask that your reps immediately contact their respective LABOR COMMITTEE chairs Susan John (Assembly) and George Maziarz (Senate) and demand that A7539 (Assembly) and S4816 (Senate) be moved out of committee for a prompt floor vote. Forward/fax them the attached justification documents if at all possible. Ask your rep to co-sponsor A7539/S4816, too. Insist that the district office staff call back to let you know how it went.

It's looking very much like this 11th-hour action is crucial for passage of A7539/A4816.

Grassroots support will also be helpful as I talk with the Labor Committee and other key legislative staff over the next two days.

If you can, please send back a quick "did it" note so that we can keep track of which reps have been contacted. Or if any questions, send me an e-mail.

Feel free to pass this alert to anyone who you know can help by calling their NYS reps.


Curt Dunnam
Legislative Coordinator
New York State Pyrotechnic Association


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