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NY State Pyrotechnics Association Legislative Update
June 20, 2006

Albany legislators have been receiving a lot of calls from NY pyros/business owners in support of pro-pyro A7539/S4816--great work, and thanks.

I called Governor Pataki's office yesterday and had a short talk with an aide to the governor's Director of Legislative Affairs, exploring the possibility of asking the governor to tell his Commissioner at the NYS Department of Labor, Ms. Linda Angelo, to back down and allow our bill to move out of the Senate Labor Committee.

The aide's questions and interest were somewhat on the positive side, so this morning I sent off a no-nonsense letter to the Director saying, in effect, that the NYS DOL is standing in the way of a meritorious bill that fixes a serious homeland security loophole, unburdens the state's pyrotechnics industry and has the potential to bring millions of dollars annually into the state. I also pointed out that our bill has no known political baggage or enemies in either the Assembly or Senate.

The point of my letter was that the Governor's appointee at the DOL is the main problem, and is his responsibility. Therefore, if the DOL prevents our bill from moving out of the Senate Labor Committee, then the buck stops at the Governor's desk.

Separately, I am still working directly with Assembly and Senate staff on resolving the Labor Committees' standoff.

No word received back today from the Governor's office.



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